Monday, April 24, 2006

Red Lady, Oil on Board, 13 x 10



evan ripley said...

Good first sketch. Doesn't quite look like her but is good at getting the essence of the pose. I'd like the background to be more abstract and less distinct - more washed out, so the only real detail is her face. I really like the colors of the background though, especially the way the yellow makes perpective lines that draw the eye to her face. I'd like it if the yellow wer e more of a washed out plane that runs right through the background. Just my opinion.

Her head is obviously a little too stretched verticaly, but like I said i like the expression. And I really liek the redness, it speaks of the light coming from in front of her, like something is happening and you don't know what. Kind of mysterious. This is defintely going in the right direction.

evan ripley said...

you know, I was just thinking mom - I wonder if you could even play up the yellow light in the background and the red light in the out-of-picture-plane foreground, by accentuating red highlights in her face to really emphasize the light play. I like the way the back of her head is illuminated ever so slightly as though she were moving away from something. Maybe that's actually the best way to play it - like she is moving away from the light into the red darkness. Not seeing her eyes is perfect. I wonder if the smile should be a bit more mischievious, it has a kind of innocence now - which actually is kind of nice - it's like she's leaving something- something has ended. And she is walking away from it, smiling to herself.

This is good stuff mom, the painting has some tension and a little mystery. Work it!