Friday, September 29, 2006

These paintings were done by my mother 6 weeks before she died of ovarian cancer. She had a very difficult illness and a hard death. These paintings are very dear to my heart because Mom's husband allowed me to visit with my mother only as long as we could paint together. As soon as she could no longer paint, he refused to let me in the house to visit with her unless I begged for permission on the telephone first. One morning, my poor mother told me that she just couldn't paint anymore as she was too sick. She knew that I would not be allowed to visit her so freely when we could no longer paint together. (What a twisted way to treat people!)

Her husband phoned the police in the middle of the night to remove me from my mother's home. It's kind of funny though, because I barricaded my bedroom door and the policeman had to break the door down to get me out! I stayed at a motel for the remainder of her illness. I couldn't believe anyone could act in such a cruel manner when someone in the family was dying.

So these pictures bring back heart-rending memories of my mother who passed on to me her creative ability. She made so many beautiful things because she wanted to be surrounded by beauty, not cruelty and anger.

I was inspired to post these pictures because of a blog Colleen recommended that I read at

Rooster 2, Watercolour, 7 x 5

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