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Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Should an Artist Do with Works that No One Else wants?

The dehumidifier did not send out a signal (red light flashing and a buzzing sound) when the bucket that collected water was full. For about three days, water from the machine went all over the floor wetting my cardboard boxes that were filled with finished and framed paintings.  

Thus, I am left with what to do with a bunch of damaged paintings, or for that matter, all the paintings that no one else wants.  

I have a solution:  there is what was formerly a playhouse for kids built in the woods near the house.  I swept some of the debris out of it and I plan to create a “Mausoleum of My Works” in that space.  Only the spiders, the rain and many small creatures will be privy to my works.  It will be interesting to think about someone else finding this treasure trove when it is black with mold and wet with rain and covered in cobwebs. 

I was wondering what I would eventually do with my work and now have a solution!  (There are dozens, and maybe hundreds, of paintings meeting their fate in this manner.)

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