Friday, June 09, 2006

Painted Trillium, Watercolour, 6 x 6


Carol said...

Hi Joyce,
My name is Carol and I am the conductor of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.
I choose a friendless site to feature every Friendly Friday.
You have been nominated for the featured site this week.
Being nominated as a friendless site only means that someone thinks your blog
doesn’t get enough comments and wants you singled out to get more attention.
I hope you will come play along.

Beautiful work!
(3 of your blogs were nominated for today's visit)

Cross said...

Hello, Joyce. your blog site is beautiful... like a refreshing trip to the country!

I'm Michael Cross. You commented on my blog Living off the Grid and I located you through John Salmon's blog. Stay in touch.

Mango Lane said...

Hello Joyce,
I`m from the FFMB. I`ve looked at all three blogs featured on Carol`s site. Your artwork is so engaging. I especially loved(!) the paintings of the abandoned and dilapetated buildings. They seem to have a residue of life.
Your memoir is such a poignant account of your mother`s last days. The story definitely shows the beauty and ugliness that can appear at times like this.
I`ve really enjoyed the "march" this week!

Jen said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Very, very, cool. I wish I had this kind of talent...

Just marching through with the FFMB!

Joyce said...

Hi Mango Lane. I didn't think anyone would read my memoir as it is so long and detailed. I guess it is my therapy for the terrible things that happened during that time. I still have a few chapters to go (it is a full book) but I have to take time off in between writings as it is so emotionally draining to relive this stuff.

Thank you for the comments on my paintings. I would love to see some of your work, whatever it may be.

John Salmon said...

Nice delicate colours Joyce. All your work is really very nice.

RomyNo1 said...

Hi Joyce! Your watercolors are amazing! And I like the site design you chose. It really compliments the pieces! I'm from the FFMB. I hope you'll join us all!

Aurora Antonovic said...

This is beautiful, Joyce.

wandi said...

Hi Joyce. I'm with the FFMB. I love your paintings. You're a great artist. Happy friday.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this one is beautiful! looks like you got a lot of visitors -- it's band practice time :)

flippnsweet said...

Hello Joyce,

This is my first march with the FFMB. I hope you don't mind my cowbell playing.

Your art is beautiful, including the colorful picture-- of yourself on that three-wheeled bike-- painted with words. What a great image.

While your work certainly stands on its own, the added dimension of your (personal) depth to your art has made me a blog gallery (bloggery?)fan.

Keep it coming!


mompoet said...

Hi Joyce,
I am mompoet from Carol's friendly band. I have enjoyed looking at all 3 of your blogs. What a wonderful idea to have an information blog separate from but connected to your paintings. I read the top entry in your memoir blog and was moved by your remembrance of your mother's death. Thank you for sharing your considerable talents with the blogging world. I hope you'll join our band.


Nice work of art. Here with the FFMB playing along with my Casio Electronic Organ.

Pat Paulk said...

Joyce I love this!!

Gilbert said...

I suppose every person must read it.