Thursday, March 23, 2006

Brown Egg 2, Oil on Canvas, 4 x 6


Matthew said...

Not bad , could use a bit more je ne sais quoi

alinerbeaner said...

I think it's beautiful. Matthew is an asshole.

Matthew said...

Joyce I agree with you for the most part on your explation of the reason given by the United States to justify the war.

However that was not the purpose of my ramble it went deeper then that. Musing on why go to war at all. They knew Saddam Hussein was not in league with terrorist and the actual official reason why the US claims to have gone into Iraq was wmd. However the right wing news media did draw corralations between Iraq and Alqueda terrorist, in my opinion to confuse the average red neck American, which were baseless and mostly hear say. I think that the American government uses the media even more effectively then you had previously thought. It is a powerfull tool and half the reason I though I should get my rambling into the blogeshpere.

By the way, just so there is no confusion I did enjoy your art work.